How can you help me with my business?

As your "business and tax advisor" we can help you with your business in three distinct areas:

For many businesses their only connection with their accountants is the production of an annual set of accounts and the calculation of their tax liabilities.

While this forms a necessary part of our work at Paget Reid York we believe that your business exists in the present. You face making important decisions almost daily. We see our role as a provider of sound business advice based on a real and up-to-date knowledge of your business. We achieve this by helping you implement the simple financial controls that provide the data for better decision-making.

We also realise that as time progresses clients' ambitions change. We can help in securing a successful outcome through succession planning, preparing your business for disposal or helping you evaluate a new venture.

Most importantly we are there to help grow your business over a period of time and allow you to achieve the lifestyle you deserve.