Is a charity really a business?

It could be without you knowing it!

At Paget Reid York we realise that the best way for organisations to provide long-term, material benefit for the community is to operate efficiently and professionally in accordance with best business practice.


We can help with practical advice and support. We have assisted many types of charities over the years through the minefield of legislation which can often hinder their development. Nevertheless many are now well established and we continue to move forward with them. However we do understand the obstacles facing entrepreneurs with a social conscience.


The new Community Interest Companies with their relaxed controls and funding potential offer exciting opportunities.


We are keen to assist any organisation involved in their development such as start-ups and charities who might want to convert to the new format. We would also like to work with potential investors and funding sources to help applicants with the presentation of their business plans. Ongoing management support and monitoring facilities would also form part of our services in this area.


Paget Reid York’s support of the community is led by James Paget, Managing Director and he will happily respond personally to any enquiry concerning social enterprise or any related matter.